New Clients

What to Expect


Your first appointment takes about 30 minutes.

On arrival you will be welcomed by our friendly team at the desk and offered some tea or a glass of water whilst you fill in the detailed history form.

Dr. Brett Hill (Chiropractor) is a great listener. He will take you through the history in person to determine what is going on now and also what life events have led you to this point. This will be followed up with a thorough Chiropractic, neurological and orthopaedic examination to determine whether we can help. If you have dysfunction in your spine leading to nerve interference and that is a contributing factor to your current condition then the chances are that we can help.

If Dr Brett thinks he can help then he may need to refer you for spinal x-rays, most of the time these can be bulk billed under Medicare.


Your second appointment takes about 30 minutes.

On your second visit Dr Brett will combine all of the information ascertained from your history and examination with the x-rays (if required) in order to let you know whether we can help. If we cannot, we will be sure to refer you to someone who can. If we feel we can help then we will create a plan to not only get you out of pain and more stable now but also to resolve the underlying problems to help prevent the problem recurring and worsening in the future and maximise your health potential.


From your third visit the appointment times are shorter as you will be attending for an adjustment rather than a full assessment, allow 15 minutes. We perform regular progress examinations approximately every 12 visits to monitor progress, improvements and allow for changes to your care plan.

Be sure to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and concerns throughout each visit with Dr. Brett so that he can accommodate you in any way and if for whatever reason you cannot make an appointment or feel like you need to change your schedule then please talk to use about that too so that we can assure that we still get great results.

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