Posture Rolling

One of the most common exercise that I recommend in practice is this foam roller posture stretch. 

I always recommend people to ensure that their spine and nervous system is functioning well and stable before initiating this routine to ensure that it is safe and effective, so often we do not start utilising it until a practice member has completed their initial phase of care. So consult your health care professional before beginning. 

We recommend this stretch so frequently because we find that for most people in our modern world they are stuck in a state of too much flexion, primarily as a result of poor postures and too much sitting (amongst other injuries and insults). 

Watch the video below for all of the details on how to do this great stretch. 

If you have any pain, discomfort or concerns doing this stretch or you just want to make sure that your spine and nervous system is functioning and stable before you begin, then click on the link below to book an initial consultation with us. 

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