Values, Mission and Vision


1. FREEDOM. We believe passionately in the freedom of choice in life, health and health care.
2. PURPOSE. We believe in the power of purposeful action in life and in health.
3. PLAYFULNESS. We think that some of the best results come when you don't take yourself so darned seriously. It can (and should) be healthy AND fun.
4. VITALISM. We believe that abundant health is the natural state of your body and that it has evolved to be very clever at intelligently creating just that.
5. FAMILY. We offer everyone we come into contact with the same loving honesty and support we have in our own families.


To adjust and educate people of all ages in a purposeful, playful way so that they may express maximal vitality. 


An adjustment is a specific application of force, applied usually to the spine, for a specific reason; the removal of nerve interference. If you suspect your spine is out of alignment, or want to check if it is, then we can help. Regardless of whether that is showing up as back pain, neck pain, headaches, postural issues or no symptoms at all.


We see it as a vital part of our role as Chiropractors to remind you of the amazing power of your body to heal and to thrive, to show you how it does this better without nerve interference and to teach you ways to stop recreating these nerve interferences in the future.


Our purpose is to help you live your purpose. Everything we do is guided by our values, our mission and our vision so that we can best help you live the life of your dreams.


We don't berate, lecture or guilt. We meet you where you are at, we work with you, we're on your team. We do it with a laugh and a smile. Because we think that playfulness is a cause of AND a sign of health and vitality.


Vitality is about more than not being sick, it's about more than not being in pain. It's about being alive, on purpose and playful. It's about being your best with your family, on your job, at your sport, in your garden or wherever you have to or love to be.



That means that we want you to have the health, energy and performance to live your life purpose to your fullest potential, and to have some fun along the way. And we don't just want that for our practice members. We want them to join us in going out and shining a light on the world that inspires others to see that they are capable of more vitality, a more purposeful existence and more fun than they have been led to believe.

Family enjoying beautiful autumn day in the park