The Safer Care Victoria Review Into Chiropractic

The Safer Care Victoria review took a deep dive into chiropractic care for kids under 12 in response to dubious claims about a lack of safety and efficacy.

What they instead found was overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents. Practically all the parents (99.7%) who used chiropractic care for their child in the past ten years were on board with it. Even better, nearly all the parents felt they got a good explanation of both the possible upsides (99.1%) and downsides (95.8%) of the treatment.

The coolest part?

A whopping 99.6% of parents said chiropractic care helped their child.

On top of that the review found no signs of serious harm from chiropractic care for children under 12. In fact, insurance providers didn't have any records of claims needing defense or settlement related to this type of care!

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